6 Ways to Prioritise Your Health


Alarm rings.

It’s 4:30 am.

I get up, achieve what I have to do for the whole day, and by the time I know it, it’s 7:30pm.

Where did the time go?

Do you often ask yourself the same question?

Our world is getting busier each day. Hustling, nonstop work, and always in motion.

Do you have time to become fit despite your work schedule? Are you thinking of fitness strategies that will fit your lifestyle?

Studies show that almost 60% of adults have an inactive lifestyle mainly due to the long hours they dedicate to work.

This is the reason why I need to provide you with strategies to overcome fitness barriers, in this case it’s when you work long hours.

Here are 6 Ways to Prioritize Your Health First

Set a healthy mindset

Establishing a proper mindset is so important because this will set your goals to make your health a priority. This will be the initial step for you to jumpstart your journey and motivate you to carry on. In doing this, you have to follow through and think long term.

Schedule your meal

Prepare your food ahead of time. If you’re cooking for your meal, make sure to plan and calculate what you can consume. This will save you time, money, and prevent leftovers as well. If it is unavoidable to have leftovers, you can devour it in the next meal, and maybe reinvent it a bit if you wish.

Eat healthy breakfast

Quick breakfast doesn’t have to be cereal all the time and you don’t have to skip it even if you are on the go. You may whip in scrambled eggs, smoothies or overnight oats. Take note, this is less than 15- minutes to prepare. Easy!

Organise and plan ahead

Nothing beats being prepared. You can set time for the day wherein you are going to create your schedule for the next day. Better if you keep it specific. This will give you ample time for every task that you need to accomplish without compromising your health.

Squeeze in a workout

A 20-30 minute cardio workout is an ultimate lifesaver. It may be hard at first especially if you are not used to working out but I guarantee you that you’ll get used to it. Starting out is always the hard part. You may do this around during your midday break or after work.

Wind down before bedtime

Take 30- minutes to relax and soothe yourself before going to bed. It is a pretty tough and hard day in the first place. As much as you can, avoid using your laptop or any gadgets in bed. If you want a good sleep you may read or note in your journal. I did this and my sleep improved by 60%


Imagine if you don’t prioritize your health there is a greater chance that you may experience problems later on. Problems like lack of sleep, not motivated to wake up, poor relationships at work or with your loved ones and many more.

You see, our body, all systems are interconnected. You cannot afford to neglect your health as it may affect other aspects of your life as well. This will highly apply especially to the current situation where we need to boost up our immune system now more than ever.

The bottom line is, never neglect your health over your work or career. Balance it.

Your welfare is more important than any job or career.

Now make it happen!


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