Hi, I'm Holly

For the last eight years I have had a huge passion for the health and fitness industry which has lead me to become a qualified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

I am driven to help busy individuals put themselves first to look their best and feel their best through exercise and a well balanced diet for their daily jobs and routines.

So where did BIZ FIT come from?

In my childhood I was extremely active…horse riding, athletics, running, swimming, tennis, touch football, surfing…..and the list goes on. By the age of 16 I had stopped all sport, started emotional eating and became a very negative person.

​Once I left school I become a workaholic, as away to cope with things. I ignored all the warnings my body was giving me.

​I was working 12-16 hours days for years. I ate out all the time, woke at at 4am and would eat dinner at 10pm and go straight to bed.

Months went by and my body was falling apart.

​Aching lower back and shoulders, low energy levels, lack of focus, fatigue, negative mindset, unhappiness and my short temper were all warning signs my body was giving me to rest and look after my health!

​I ignored my health for so long.


What They Say About the Program

By creating healthy habits now, it can be much easier to turn them into a lifestyle choice later.​

Holly Smith

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